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Janice Keating, Boots on the Ground Award

Janice Keating has the uncanny ability to be everywhere she needs to be for everyone who needs her. The inexhaustible volunteer has worked with countless organizations, advocating, and volunteering for those who need help, and making a direct, tangible impact on the community.

For example, five years ago, Janice began volunteering with Downtown Hope Church, a ministry in Annapolis that closely aligned with her values and philosophy of giving back to the Annapolis community. When Love Annapolis, an outreach organization was formed, Janice became its Director and developed positive relationships with the children and families living in public housing communities like Newtowne 20, Woodside Gardens, and Robinwood. She worked closely with community leaders to establish credibility and make impactful change, offering homework help, and organizing community dinners, holiday celebrations, and summer camps.

Todd Smith, an Elder at Downtown Hope in Annapolis, recalled, “When demolition of Newtowne 20 began and residents had to move out of their homes, Janice was there for them. She helped connect residents with advocates to make sure they understood their options and to assist with finding alternative housing.”

Through Love Annapolis, Janice became involved with the Benevolence Team, a coalition of local nonprofits that work closely with Title 1 Schools in Anne Arundel County, to identify and help families in need by offering a temporary helping hand with utilities, rent, medical expenses, etc.

When COVID-19 hit, Janice assisted the local Hispanic community by partnering with Center of Help and Our Lady of Guadalupe Ministries to organize weekly deliveries of clothing, food, and baby essentials to 300–400 families in Allen Apartments. The operation was subsequently moved to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and named West Annapolis Pantry, where it continues to serve 200-260 families every two weeks.

Janice’s reach extends beyond Anne Arundel County. “She weaves herself into the fabric of many communities,” said Todd, who described Janice as selfless.

Nominator and CFAAC Board Member, Martha Van Woerkom also has first-hand experience volunteering with Janice – starting back when both of their children were in elementary school. “When I think of somebody who exemplifies the true spirit of giving, the first person who comes to my mind is Janice,” said Martha. “Janice serves because Janice loves. She has that rare quality of making people feel seen and valued.”

In addition to the organizations already mentioned, Janice has worked with the Girl Scouts, Mission of Peace, Giving Back Linda’s Legacy, Benevolent Baskets of Catholic Charities, Patty Lee’s “Angels of Addiction,” and the Franciscan Center. As if that list isn’t extensive enough, for the last 12 years she has worked as a home hospital teacher for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, teaching high schoolers who are unable to go to school because of surgery, cancer, addiction, and other reasons.


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