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Medallion Investment Partners Program

The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) recognizes that the pooling of invested assets reduces administrative and investment-related expenses, allowing more money to go towards benefiting the social sector. A donor may wish to recommend that their contributed assets be invested outside of our pooled investments. For this reason, CFAAC has established certain guidelines for situations when a donor wishes to recommend a specific investment manager or management firm (Donor-Directed Advisor) to hold his or her donated assets.

CFAAC's Medallion Investment Partners Program gives donors the opportunity to establish Donor Advised Funds (DAF) at CFAAC, while having a qualified advisor of their choosing continue to manage the assets and receive investment management fees. Medallion status is awarded to investment advisors/firms that pass an annual due diligence review undertaken by CFAAC's Asset Management Committee. Medallion funds are separately managed, non-aggregated funds that receive their own investment return. CFAAC may charge a modest additional annual fee to the DAF for this service in addition to management fees charged to each DAF fund to cover the cost of administering the fund’s grantmaking.


Current Medallion Partners

Charter Financial Group


  • Medallion status is awarded to investment advisors/firms that pass an annual due diligence review undertaken by CFAAC's Asset Management Committee.
  • Medallion funds are separately managed, non-aggregated funds that receive their own investment return.
  • The minimum amount to start a Donor Advised Fund in the Medallion Investment Partners Program is $250,000 with at least half of the beginning balance designated as endowed. 
  • The Medallion Investment Partners Program is only available for new gifts, however, existing funds managed under the program may receive additional and/or planned gifts.
  • Current Donor Advised Fund assets are not eligible to be managed by a Donor Directed Advisor.


GOLD MEDALLION A Medallion Partner currently managing CFAAC funds.

SILVER MEDALLION A Medallion Partner with a Planned Gift Agreement to manage CFAAC assets.

BRONZE MEDALLION A Medallion Partner not currently managing assets but has passed the due diligence process by CFAAC.

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