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CFAAC 25th Anniversary Designated Fund established by the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation. Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, Inc. (BoCF) was established in 1984 as a “passion project,” to capture and preserve stories of the legacy of generations of African American watermen who helped build the Chesapeake Watershed’s maritime and seafood industries. Over time, our mission has evolved to include Environmental Justice (EJ) and Preservation of the waterways and climate-vulnerable communities that support this fast-vanishing way of life. This fund was created to grow future generations of Maritime professionals and enthusiasts; a 21st Century “army” of Environmental Champions committed to saving the places where we ALL Live, Work, Play, and Worship.

Help support BoCF's Admiral Earl White Legacy Endowment Fund  with a special gift this year by donating to their Designated Fund below.

Support BoCF's Admiral Earl White Legacy Endowment Fund


Admiral Earl White Green BookDena LeggettEstablishing BoCF's Admiral Earl White Legacy Endowment Fund is the capstone of a 40-year journey to commemorate ALL of the great African American watermen and water-women who not only survived in the face of Maryland’s lawfully sanctioned racial segregation during the period of “Jim Crow”, but also THRIVED as boat captains and entrepreneurs. 

It was not an “easy” life, nor safe occupations, but an act of resistance; a demonstration of the human power “to overcome.” 

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to financially support the plans for establishing the Blacks of the Chesapeake’s Environmental, Educational, Cultural, & Historical Opportunities Center: EECHO Center & Environmental Learning Barge to be housed at the historic Moore Property/ New Elktonia Heritage Park & Visitors Center in Annapolis.

Our purpose is to connect students and young adults with the opportunities and the information they need to learn about the wide range of current and emerging jobs with good pay and benefits; jobs and careers associated with the maritime industry and trades, environmental and land/water conservation movements; some of which may require technical or college preparation, but many more that may only require a high school diploma or equivalent. 

We know that without a workforce with good paying jobs and housing, the Chesapeake’s climate vulnerable communities will continue to lose Both their shorelines, and their bloodlines.  

Your financial support will fund:

  • Educational and career-development workshops with water experiences
  • Financial support for Employer-sponsored technical training
  • Wraparound services like transportation and childcare stipends
  • Maritime trades equipment
  • Cost of attaining professional certifications; and other.

The fund will seek contributions and sponsor fundraisers to sustain the endowment. Transparency in fundraising and awards will be accomplished with annual reports found at

Support BoCF's Admiral Earl White Legacy Endowment Fund


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Many people like you are making tax smart donations with appreciated stocks and bonds, qualified charitable distributions(QCD) from an IRA, or a variety of planned gifts. For more information, please email or call 410.280-1102 x103.

Should you wish to make a non-cash donation, CFAAC accepts gifts of appreciated stock for the benefit of this fund. To initiate this transaction, contact your broker with the number of shares of each security you wish to give. All gifts of stocks and bonds which are “DTC Eligible” can be transferred to CFAAC using the information below:

  • Pershing, LLC Depository Trust Company (DTC) #0443 For the credit to: Pershing, LLC #4S2117401
  • Account name: The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County

PLEASE NOTE: Donor names are rarely provided when securities are transferred electronically. To ensure your gift is correctly allocated, please email with the gift amount and the name of the fund your gift will support. 


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Agency Endowment & Designated Funds
A CFAAC 25th Anniversary Designated Fund established by the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to provide environmental justice and climate resilience to ensure future generations of maritime and environmental champions of color throughout the Chesapeake Bay Region.
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BoCF's Admiral Earl White Legacy Endowment Fund