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Grants For Teachers

Supporting Teachers and Inspiring Students

Grants 4 Teachers funds highly creative ideas that otherwise would not be possible to implement in the classroom due to school system funding constraints. We want to help support teachers’ creative ideas to stimulate and inspire students’ learning. 

In 2016, eleven teachers in Anne Arundel County public schools stretched their students’ imaginations and skill sets thanks to grants from the Grants 4 Teachers Fund. Projects touched different schools in all parts of the county and were each funded in amounts from $200-500 for a total of $5,863. Since the Fall of 2009 when Grants 4 Teachers was launched, due to the generosity of local donors, 133 proposals have been funded for a total of $59,267.

With the Grants 4 Teachers funding we have been able to create different makerspace centers in our library so that students can come in and choose which activities most appeal to them. The children have swarmed to both the BluTrack and marble track centers. It has been great to see students working together in these areas. It has required teamwork, ingenuity, and a willingness to try new ideas when their initial attempts failed.  We created a Lego Wall in the media center as well which are now permanent fixtures and allow students to create with legos whenever they have the chance. This grant has been a huge boon to our school's growing makerspace and the kids have benefited from it tremendously. 

- Susan R. Clouse, Media Specialist, Crofton Meadows Elementary School

Examples of previously funded projects include musical instruments and art supplies, paperback books for students to take home and share with their parents, field trips to reinforce social studies or science lessons, and technical equipment to promote scientific investigations.