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A Message From our President & CEO - June 2022

The staff at CFAAC is hard at work this summer as we continue to meet the needs of our nonprofits through grantmaking, and as we gear up for a very busy second half of the year. As we plan for our in-person, Celebration of Philanthropy Awards Luncheon scheduled for November 3rd, finalize our community needs assessment data to publish our 7th Poverty Amidst Plenty Needs Assessment Report this fall, organize new events and programs to add to our calendar of resources, and imagine the possibilities for celebrating our 25th anniversary year in 2023, we know that all of this good work is meant to support our community in new and meaningful ways. 

There really is never a “slow time” for the Community Foundation, and I am happy to share that we have been steadily focused on our grantmaking as well as facilitating scholarships. We recently awarded $182,315 to seven local nonprofits through our Fund For Anne Arundel and you can read more about these amazing nonprofits in our June 2022 newsletter. We also announced the 2022 recipients for both the Lance Corporal Eric Herzberg, USMC and Lance Corporal William Taylor Wild, IV, USMC Scholarship Fund and the Officer Grant Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund. Read about them here. And, in other great news, we now have $26 million dollars under management intended to support grantmaking in Anne Arundel County.

It takes a knowledgeable staff, continued research, and funding to be able to provide constant, as well as emergency support, to our county’s nonprofits; routinely and frequently assess and address the needs within our county, offer community-wide educational programs to support our nonprofits; keep our donors informed, and support the community in perpetuity. To make all of this possible, we rely on the generosity of our donors to support our efforts each year.

When you make a gift to CFAAC, you make a difference in your community. Most of the dollars that come to CFAAC are provided to support our fellow nonprofits from across the county that are doing the important work of helping people of all ages. To sustain this vital work and remain a strong nonprofit serving nonprofits, we also must garner support for our operations. As you support CFAAC, you can be assured that you are serving as an important part of our mission’s foundation to connect generous individuals, families, and businesses to the people and organizations that need it most. We are grateful that you and other residents of Anne Arundel County believe the investment is worth it.

Please consider making a gift today.

Mary Spencer
CFAAC President & CEO


This message was originally presented as a part of the June 2022 CFAAC Community Connector Newsletter. Read the full newsletter here.


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