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Morehead-Cain Scholars Partner with CFAAC for Community Transformation

Welcome Morehead-Cain Scholars! 

The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a group of five Morehead-Cain Scholars in Anne Arundel County as part of their Summer Enrichment Civic Collaboration Project. For eight weeks, beginning May 28th through the end of July, the Scholars will be working to address four key dilemma questions. Their focus will be on meeting with local and state leaders to grasp community challenges and make recommendations for solutions, particularly regarding Child Poverty and supporting Governor Moore's recently passed Enough Act. Their insights will help inform CFAAC's grantmaking strategy.

Morehead-Cain Scholars are top students selected from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who participate in many educational experiences above and beyond their college courses. As part of their experience, they take part in four, fully funded summer enrichment programs. This summer, the Scholars are fulfilling their “Civic Collaboration Summer” in which teams of scholars embed themselves in cities across the U.S., investigate those communities’ challenges and opportunities, and propose real solutions. Annapolis will be part of this program, welcoming the Scholars who will work closely with CFAAC.

The five Scholars will review CFAAC's Community Needs Assessment report, study the data generated by grants made to address community needs, and work with county constituents to recommend solutions. By working in our community and connecting with key stakeholders across the county, they will be asked to share their thoughts on where the greatest impacts were made and where gaps still exist so that CFAAC can evaluate their findings and develop our programs and grant-making to be most strategic.

The dilemma questions posed: 

  1. How is CFAAC’s grantmaking aligned with the needs identified in the Poverty Amidst Plenty Community Needs Assessment Report and what adjustments could be made to align the work of the community foundation and other nonprofits to address the most pressing needs of our community?
  2. What can the nonprofit sector do, individually or as a coordinated effort, to tackle the issue of child poverty in Anne Arundel County, particularly in our Communities of Hope?
  3. How can Philanthropy in Anne Arundel County support Governor Moore’s Enough Act Initiative to tackle the issue of child poverty in Anne Arundel County?
  4. How can measurable progress be made toward finding concrete solutions to address the greatest needs in Anne Arundel County, as outlined in the Poverty Amidst Plenty Needs Assessment Report, particularly in one or more of Anne Arundel Counties Communities of Hope?

CFAAC is pleased to welcome:

Brady Andrew, ’27 

Brady is a first-year scholar from Pittsboro, North Carolina. He is undecided as to his major and will continue exploring his interests while at UNC. He is a member of the student-run Honor System at UNC and the Men’s Rowing Team during the fall. When not in the classroom, Brady enjoys playing instruments, making crafts, cooking, exercising, and spending time outdoors. 

Lillian Brooks, ’27 

Lillian is a first-year scholar from Oxford, North Carolina, majoring in Psychology. She is also interested in pursuing the pre-law track. Outside the classroom, Lillian enjoys playing piano and lifting weights. Additionally, she is an active member of the Presbyterian Campus Ministry and Project Literacy, a group that provides resources to support adult literacy programs.

Nandini Kanthi, ’27 

Nandini is a first-year scholar from Cary, North Carolina, majoring in Neuroscience and Public Policy on the pre-med track. She serves as CEO and co-founder of Sensible, a biotech tech startup aiming to decrease cervical cancer incidence rates in underserved regions with a patent-pending diagnostic menstrual pad. In her free time, Nandini loves to dance, hike, bike, and watch Brooklyn 99.

Derek Peng, ’26 

Derek is a sophomore scholar from Ames, Iowa pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is the president and founder of the Photography Club at UNC. Derek likes to join lectures at the Parr Center for Ethics, audit a Shakespeare class, build with Habitat for Humanity, run, golf, and play tennis.

Catherine Scott, ’27 

Catherine is a first-year scholar from Nashville, Tennessee majoring in Public Policy and Spanish with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Outside the classroom, she is involved in student organizations around campus focused on social justice including Community Justice, Abolition, and Antiracism (CJAA). In Catherine’s free time, she loves to practice yoga, backpack, rock climb, and try out new recipes.


2024 Civic Collaboration Cities:
Albuquerque, NM
Annapolis, MD
Baltimore, MD
Bentonville, AR
Calgary, Alberta, CA
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Grand Rapids, MI
Lexington, KY
Memphis, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Nashville, TN
San Diego, CA
South Haven, MI 


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