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Fund Holders Learn About CFAAC Investment Strategies and More at Investment Briefing

“I found the investment briefing very informative and consistent with the wonderful work the Community Foundation does.” - Babe Feldman, CFAAC fundholder

On June 15, thirty-two fund holders joined CFAAC’s Investment Briefing, which provided participants with information about the organization’s fiduciary responsibilities, including management, oversight, and performance of the foundation’s assets. Allison Gormier of Mason Investment Advisory Services explained CFAAC’s four investment pools, reported on the current state of the market, how investments are faring, and CFAAC’s investment strategies.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Mason Advisory as they track and maintain best practices for investing community foundation funds, and follow our board approved Investment Policy Statement, to ensure that resources are available to support our community now and, in the future,” said CFAAC President and CEO Mary Spencer. “Our mission to protect and prudently grow charitable gifts through strategic investment strategies is at the heart of our work to safeguard our donor’s investments. Unlike individual investment strategies that employ a variety of risk criteria and tolerance, our organization’s investment policy was established to ensure stability in funding, particularly for those nonprofits who rely on support from the funds established to support them annually.” Read more.

CFAAC’s Asset Management Committee reviews investments quarterly in accordance with CFAAC’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The committee monitors investment performance, and the IPS serves as a guideline for any investment manager, portfolio custodian, and investment consultant retained. The IPS was written to establish a clear understanding of the investment objectives and philosophy for the Community Foundation and was adopted by CFAAC’s Board of Trustees to direct the prudent investment of its investment portfolio in a manner consistent with the Community Foundation’s investment objectives.

The Community Foundation presents periodic investment briefings for fundholders and can also arrange for individual conversations with CFAAC staff and Mason Advisory as needed If you have any questions about your fund, or establishing a new fund, please contact our Development Director Amy Francis at or 410.280.1102.

I thought it was very informative.” -Kathy Koelle, CFAAC fundholder.



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