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Celebrate Community Foundation Week

CFAAC will join in a nationwide celebration to recognize Community Foundation Week, November 12-18, which is centered around National Philanthropy Day on November 15. Created in 1989 by former president George H. W. Bush, this week recognizes the important work of community foundations throughout America and their collaborative and innovative approach to working with the public, private, and nonprofit sector. Help us raise awareness of CFAAC by spreading the word about the good work we do to your friends and business acquaintances. Help us celebrate by donating here.

Here are some fun facts about Community Foundations and CFAAC:

  • The first community foundation was created in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, and operates now as the Cleveland Foundation. Currently, there are 750 community foundations in the U.S. CFAAC was founded in 1998 with a $600 gift.
  • Every continent but Antarctica has a community foundation. It’s estimated that there are at least 1,200 community foundations outside of the United States and Canada.
  • According to the National Philanthropic Trust's 2020 Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Report, grantmaking from DAFs to qualified charities totaled more than $25 billion in 2019, a 93% increase since 2015. Of the 168 funds held at CFAAC currently, 82 are Donor Advised Funds. In the last decade alone, grant making from CFAAC's DAFs to nonprofits has totaled more than $19 million dollars. Contact Amy Francis at 443-280-1102, ext. 102 to find out more about opening a Donor Advised Fund at CFAAC.
  • Nearly every type of gift, from cash to real estate, stock, and other assets, can be donated to a community foundation. Talk to the philanthropic advisors at CFAAC to find out more at 443-280-1102.
  • Many community foundations throughout the country were first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic through the creation of Response Funds. CFAAC distributed $1.3 million in grants through its Community Crisis Response Fund to support basic human needs during COVID.
  • Community foundations play a key role in creating more just and equitable communities. This includes establishing and supporting grantmaking, advocacy and special initiatives designed to address inequities and increase opportunities for marginalized populations to thrive and reach their full potential.  Last year, CFAAC distributed more than $4.8 million in grants to nonprofits. Help us celebrate by donating so we can exceed these numbers this year! Donate here.

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