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David Irving

David Irving

Founder, CollegeReadyMath; Founder and CEO, HigherSchool, LLC

David Irving

Founder, CollegeReadyMath
Founder and CEO, HigherSchool, LLC 

After more than 25 years in financial sales and trading, David Irving made the decision to commit the remainder of his career to improving the academic opportunities available to economically disadvantaged students. The companies he founded provide parents with instructional guides and parental involvement workshops; students with tutoring and instruction in Literacy, Math, and English as a Second Language (ESL); and teachers and principals with coaching and professional development training. His current company, CollegeReadyMath, develops supplemental algebra curriculum for high school students.

In 2002, David founded HigherSchool Publishing Company and published The Parent's Guide to Better Grades, 7 Steps to Improve Your Child's Academic Performance, which was developed as a resource for low-income parents. Then in 2004, David started HigherSchool Tutoring to provide supplemental educational services to students in K-12 attending over 70 underperforming Title I public schools in Michigan, Maryland, and Washington, DC. It became one of the largest tutoring companies in the region. 

David created HigherSchool Instructional Services in 2009, to provide literacy, math, and ESL instruction to Title I students in grades Pre-K to 12 attending nonpublic schools; coaching and professional development workshops to classroom teachers, administrators, and principals; mental health counseling to students in need; and parental involvement workshops. In 2016, he created CollegeReadyMath and subsequently retained ownership of it after selling HigherSchool to a national educational services provider in 2020. 

Prior to forming the HigherSchool companies, David was the Regional Vice President for Delta Education, the K-12 Science Division of School Specialty, where he managed the Sales Division for the U.S. Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern regions. Previous to that position, he was the Regional Sales Manager for The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

David attended Howard University and also received a Certificate of Management Excellence from the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program. He currently resides in Annapolis with his wife. They have three children ages 33, 25, and 19.