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Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented to an individual or a team of volunteers, (formal or informal) with a long history of volunteering, who has made a significant impact on nonprofit organizations. This person or team, through the donations of time and talent, improves the lives of others and meets community needs through their exceptional efforts, including mobilizing resources for public benefit, leading by example, serving when they are called, advocating, and volunteering for those in our community who need help. Having played a key role in helping local nonprofit organizations provide services to the community, their efforts make a direct, tangible difference in our community.

Wondering who to nominate?
Do you have or know 
a volunteer who has been there for an organization year-in and year-out, strategizing, and offering their expertise in many ways? Nominate them for Volunteer of the Year.

This year, CFAAC celebrates its 25th anniversary of inspiring philanthropy in Anne Arundel County and will honor eight generous community leaders that represent the depth and breadth of philanthropy in Anne Arundel County in the following categories: Philanthropist of the Year AwardCorporate Philanthropist of the Year AwardVolunteer of the Year AwardYoung Volunteer of the Year AwardBoots on the Ground AwardCarroll H. Hynson, Jr. Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in PhilanthropyCarol Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award and The Legacy Award for Planned Giving.

The deadline for nominations has been extended to Friday, August 11, 2023.

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Previous Volunteers of the Year:

2003 Tricia Lehmann

2013 Fred Davis

2004 Rob Cradle

2014 Betty Mack

2005 Trudy McFall

2015 Penny Cantwell

2006 Dennis Conti

2016 Karen Smith

2007 Anna E. Greenberg

2017 Karen Feldman & Helena Hunter

2008 Tony & Penny Evans

2018 Tara Balfe Clifford

2009 Ellenor Alvarez

2019 Bronwyn Belling

2010 Deede Rivers

2020 Vanessa Carter

2011 Bill & Terry Kuethe

2021 Townsend McNitt

2012 Bobbie & Jerry Burnett

2022 Tatiana Klein

Eligibility Criteria

All nominees must:

- Be a resident of Anne Arundel County

- Have a demonstrated track record of charitable giving to one or more nonprofit organizations based in and working in Anne Arundel County

- Have made a positive impact in the lives of county residents through their giving

- Encourage/motivate others to become philanthropic

Nomination Process

Nominations must be submitted online. To access the application and submit a nomination, you will need to create a user account HERE. If you have any questions about the nomination process or have any difficulties with submitting your nomination, please contact Director of Development, Damika Baker-Wilson at

- Self-nominations are not permitted. For the category of Young Volunteer of the Year, parents are not permitted to nominate their child(ren).

- Nominees will receive notification from CFAAC upon receipt of the nomination form. The letter will include information on the selection process.

- A selection committee of CFAAC board, staff, and past recipients, which include philanthropists, volunteers, local nonprofit, business, and community leaders will review all nominations and select the awardee.

- Following the selection, and prior to the public announcement, nominees will receive a letter notifying them of the results.

- All nominators will receive confirmation that the nomination has been submitted within 24 hours of receipt. The Community Foundation will contact the selected awardee(s) and their nominator in September.

- If your nominee is selected, we will request your assistance in obtaining photographs and biographical information for publicity purposes.

- The deadline for nominations has been extended to Friday, August 11, 2023.

Tip for writing a great nomination narrative:

- Provide specific examples that address the award description and elaborate on why the nominee’s accomplishments are worthy of the award.

- Describe how others regard the nominee. Consider mentioning major awards and/or the nominee’s community efforts.

- Include the results and/or impact of the gift/support.

- Be thorough in including all organizations that benefit from the nominee’s efforts. This will enable the selection committee to fully understand the nominee’s involvement in the community and breadth of impact.

- Share the big picture – collaborate with other individuals and organizations to tell your nominee’s story.

- Determine who can write the best letters of support (ex. Letter from a nonprofit that is served by the nominee).

- Talk with your nominee, their family, and friends. Collect as much information as possible.

- Want to strengthen your application? Ask Damika Baker-Wilson, CFAAC’s Director of Development, for suggestions on strengthening your nomination application at

- Team up with other organizations to nominate someone and fill out the application—gather letters of support with them to make it stronger.

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