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Angela Travers

Angela Travers

Administrator, Philanthropic Services

Angela is responsible for grant and scholarship programs support, board and committee planning and logistics, donor services, Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council logistics, and other related tasks. 

Angela has a diverse background in finance and overseeing the philanthropic activities of high net-worth families, family structure, governance, and estate and transition planning for over 13 years. As the philanthropic advisor for EFO Capital Management, a Washington, D.C.-based organization, Angela engaged three active generations of shareholders and liaised between the foundation and financial mechanisms to align family interests and values. She also coached families to bridge the inter-generational opportunities through meaningful dialogue and an understanding both family and individual member goals.
Angela holds a BS in Psychology with a Minor in Women’s Studies from Florida International University and an MBA from the University of Maryland. She is also a certified 21/64 facilitator and life coach.