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Patti Baum and Margie Jackson, long time financial advisors, formed their investment team, The Baum Jackson Investment Group, a division of RBC Capital Markets, more than 18 years ago to help private investors and institutions achieve their financial goals. Patti and Margie knew from the beginning that it was important to them that they create a culture of philanthropy within their business. After asking a variety of community leaders about how to learn more, they were directed to the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC). CFAAC’s staff team helped launch a philanthropy program that aligned with Baum Jackson’s strategic business goals.

The Baum Jackson Investment Group Charitable Foundation was created with the purpose of building staff camaraderie and promoting corporate philanthropy. Patti and Margie believed that creating a sense of corporate social responsibility within their office was a positive way to foster team unity, invest in local nonprofits, and help the Annapolis community thrive. They realize that not everyone can donate money, but they encourage all members of the staff to participate, whether it be through a financial gift, reviewing grant applications, or volunteering their time. Collectively, the team is making an impact.  

The focus of the Baum Jackson Investment Group Charitable Foundation is to support children and youth through education, financial literacy, and self-esteem building programs. The Foundation has supported organizations like Girls on the Run, Start The Adventure In Reading (S.T.A.I.R.), and children-oriented films featured at the Annapolis Film Festival, among others.

“We can make a difference through our business. We have been fortunate in our lives and now we want to do our part by committing our resources to causes that matter,” says Patti. 

CFAAC has helped Baum Jackson achieve their team’s goal of investing in the local community. When asked about CFAAC’s support of their business, Margie described the CFAAC staff as caring and knowledgeable. “CFAAC does a great job helping connect us with local community programs that are looking for grants”, she said. “I appreciate the personal attention the staff gives us. They are facilitators, making others, such as us, aware of organizations and needs in our community.”

When asked what the future holds for CFAAC and Baum Jackson, Patti said “CFAAC will increasingly play a major role in the philanthropic community, as the economic divide in our county and state grows.” Both Patti and Margie believe CFAAC not only offers flexible ways to give, but it provides a valuable service in connecting programs in the local area in need of financial support.


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