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Help Our Neighbors Application

Created in late 2008 by our Board of Trustees in response to significant increases in calls for urgent assistance for basic human needs, the Help Our Neighbors Fund has provided more than $67,000 in grants to local nonprofits that assist individuals and families in need.

Grants have been made to a number of local agencies including Food Link, First Baptist Church, SCAN, SPAN, Annapolis Area Ministries, St. James Parish and Arundel House of Hope.  These agencies report helping hundreds of people by paying for important expenses like rent and utilities enabling their clients to stay in their homes and keep warm or cool; pay fees for licenses and certification or transportation to work; pay for essential medication and medical care to return to or maintain their health.

One recipient wrote, 

“Dear Community Foundation, I wanted to say thank you for your gift of a new beginning.  By helping me with my rent I am now able to stay in my home and proceed with my GED and finding a new job.  There has been a huge weight lifted off my heart and soul because I know now there are still good people in the world.” 

Grant applications will be accepted from eligible organizations on a rolling basis. CFAAC will not award a grant for general operating support. Grants requests will be reviewed within 14-21 business days. Depending on the availability of funds, an organization may apply for a grant subsequent grant after sufficiently documenting the disbursements from the previous grant. To apply, an organization must be a designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit under the Internal Revenue Code (which includes churches) and be able to provide evidence of that designation. The organization must be located in and providing services for residents of Anne Arundel County.

If you are interested in learning more about Help Our Neighbors, please call our staff at 410.280.1102.