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Agency Endowments: A Permanent Source of Income

Has your organization considered establishing an Agency Endowed Fund at CFAAC? 
Does your organization already have an Agency Endowed Fund with CFAAC and you want to learn more?

We invite your Executive Director and Treasurer to a presentation led by Allison Gormier and Will Thorpe, Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc. about how Agency Endowments assure nonprofits a permanent source of steady income to help stabilize and strengthen programs. 

  • Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc. Investment Philosophy
  • Agency Endowment Overview
  • Financial Benefits of an Agency Endowment
  • Endowed Funds at CFAAC - Reporting, Quarterly Statements, and Income Distribution
  • Q & A
Registration - Coming Soon!

June 20, 2018

Location | CFAAC Office, 914 Bay Ridge Road, Suite 220, Annapolis MD 21403
Time | 9:00am to 10:30pm
Questions | 4102801102

June 20 - 9:00AM


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